Our favorites

Some items are brand new, relevant for the season, bestselling or simply our favorites. We're proud of them. You just /have/ to see them! That's why we've put them in the spotlight. If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone else (or yourself - you know you've deserved it!), start here! 

Facemasks are on their way!

Earlier this year we've presented to you our facemasks. They're currently SOLD OUT, but we are doing our very best to restock them as fast as we can. Please stay well, we'll soon help you do so with humour and style!

Foxtober 1, 2.... and 3?

If you enjoyed Foxtober 1 and 2, we have good news for you! Of all things that 2020 has ruined for you this year, InkTober won't be one of them! This year you can expect another influx of foxy art in the rainiest month of the year. There's no need to go outside for day dreaming, or to lift your spirits. We will rise and conquer the world in spring. For now, let's all grab a comfy blanket and enjoy art!

Like in previous years, new art is uploaded on Facebook and Instagram