Vacancies and collaborations

Join the Riot!

Do you want to be part of our grand adventure? There’s always a place for you as a fan, but maybe you want to be a little closer to the fire. We don’t have any paid vacancies, but if we collaborate it should always be at the benefit of both parties. We can discuss free products, discounts or a share of the sales you(r products) make.

You can become our next:


We work from home, so it’s no problem if you want to intern long distance. A full time internship at our location is not possible yet, but part-time can be discussed. Your internship with us should be at least 3 months. You are either in Art School, University or you are at least 18 years old and eager to learn. Send us an e-mail with your motivation. In case of a creative internship, please add your portfolio as well.


Do you love our products so much that you would like to resell them from your own inventory? Drop us an e-mail and we’ll make you a deal.


Would you like to resell our products, but not keep any stock? We understand the appeal, but at the current time we don’t offer an affiliate program.


Do you and your art match our brand? We can design a merchandise line for you together. You keep full creative control. Of course you earn a part of every sale. We will take care of the marketing, selling, shipping and customer service.

International Gopher

We travel to many events in Europe. Would you like to support us at a fair near you? Perhaps by translating to customers from English to your native language, by helping us build up the booth before the event begins, or by helping out with other tasks that we agree upon before the event. In return for your helpfulness, you can receive one of our items as a gift. This is not a random gift, but one that you choose and which we all agree upon before the event starts.


We love to show our customers amazing photos of real people. People wearing our apparel items and holding our products while they’re at a fair. If you are a model, you don’t need to be any specific size, age or gender. All that you need to be is cool in your own way and enthusiastic about our items that you pose with. If you are a photographer, you will need to work with professional equipment (not your mobile phone) and maintain a style, lighting and type of background that is consistent. All photo’s need to be edited to 1:1 format. The remuneration?
Model: 1 t-shirt, or 1 mug, or 1 pillow per event where you pose.
Photographer: 2 t-shirts, or 2 mugs, or 2 pillows, or 1 sweatshirt/hoodie per event where you pose.    


If your content is professional looking and you have good engagement on your social media posts, or if you have a blog or vlog with good reach, let’s talk!

Business partner

Do you have your own business? Are you doing something that we aren’t and do you see a win-win opportunity if we collaborated? If we can help each other grow, don’t hesitate to share your vision.

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