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Each October, artists worldwide join in a challenge, called inktober. Make one drawing a day and ink it. Each drawing doesn't have to be your next greatest work. It's about building confidence and speed. If you do all this and make it through the month alive...

Congratulations, you’ve won the challenge!  

Els Deckers, illustrator for Howling Riot, has a passion for drawing foxes. Hence, her Inktober is dubbed Foxtober. After publishing one foxy little art book, her passion has not gotten any less. Neither could you get enough of all the snuggly, cuddly, crazy, cool and cheeky foxes. So here we are again, presenting to you Foxtober 2. 

*Oprah voice* Who wants a foxy overdose? You get a foxy overdose! You, you and you get a foxy overdose! EVERYBODY gets a foxy overdose!