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Each October, artists worldwide join in a challenge, called Inktober. Make one drawing every day and ink it. Each drawing doesn’t have to be your next greatest work. It’s about building confidence and speed. If you do all this and make it through alive… Congratulations, you’ve won the challenge!  

Els Deckers, illustrator for Howling Riot, has a passion for drawing foxes. Hence, her Inktober is dubbed Foxtober. This is the third instalment of her series, this time with even more humour and splashes of colour than during previous years.  

How many kinds of foxes can you think of? The Foxtober series, and especially this third book, will show you that they are infinite. Let yourself be introduced to Vlad von Fox, broccoli fox, post-apocalyptic fox, an underwater merfox, self-worth fox, a tornado fox, and many others. Stay foxy!