Foxtober 4 - WITH PERSONAL SIGNING - Art Book - Limited Edition

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This is not the art book of the year, this is the book of two years! It brings together the art that was originally meant for Foxtober 4 and 5, two editions that were unexpectedly cut short. It left us with two incomplete years. Combined, however, they are 32 artworks - which is more art than October has days! 

Besides these 32 artworks, you'll also find bonus artworks that were relevant to the years this book was created. This includes popular art from our live stream, from the 'Wortels in de Molukken' ('Roots in the Moluccans') comic book, as well as personal art projects. 

You can order this book with or without a personal signing. This is the version with a personal signing. It's Limited Edition. After 25 copies have been sold, this version will become unavaillable. Examples of what a signed copy can look like, are included in the pictures. 

If you order this book, you can leave us some inspiration in the comment with your order. Something fun about yourself. A habit, an interest, a fandom... Your favorite food or song. Something funny, deep or add a random word from the dictionary as a prompt. There are no guarantees we'll use it, because maybe we have a different idea in mind for you, but if whatever you've added inspires us, you might well find it in the signed version of your book. 

We take these signings seriously, and so each signed copy takes time to create. If you order this version of the book, you may have to wait for a longer while to receive it. If you'd rather receive the book sooner, opt for the version without a signature.